The Drinks Menu

Your big day can result in some thirsty wedding guests, so perfecting the ever-important drinks list can be more daunting than you thought. Whilst the classics will forever be just that- a classic- not everyone enjoys a beer or wine, so why not explore some other options? Whilst Preston Peak is known for its wines, they can provide a wide range of beverages, just ask and thou shalt receive!

For the Spring Time Wedding

Coming into the warmer seasons calls for some cooler cocktails. Opting for a lighter gin or vodka based one, with some fruity touches, will always quench a thirst. A good old G&T or Vodka Soda doesn’t hurt, but with more and more variations available, your wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace the fancier side of these classics. Whilst vegetables may not seem like they belong in a spring time drink, adding some cucumber to gin and soda creates a refreshing drink. Or for the vodka lovers, pair it with some apples, strawberries and a sprig of mint for a delicious wedding cocktail, plus, it also makes for a delicious non-alcoholic, just add some more soda!

Summer Vibes

Summer weddings are all about the heat, and what better time to enjoy a Pimms than in the hot months? Pimms cocktails are full of fruity goodness with a hint of fizz, making it the perfect post-ceremony drink! Plus, you can customise it to suit your own tastes. Or perhaps you like to stick with the celebratory bubbly? Add a twist by mixing in some peaches or nectarines and make it a Bellini, bubbles with some sweet fruit makes for a perfect drink on a hot afternoon!

Simply talk to your wedding planner to discuss all of the options available to you.


Image courtesy of Tall Timber Studio